The perfect Transitional Dress – from Summer to Fall

by Ivana
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In collaboration with ABOUT YOU. Today I´d like to show you my newest maternity dress. It’s from the label “Neun Monate” and I got it via ABOUT YOU, where you´ll find a wide range of beautiful dresses. What I like about this dress is, that it is the perfect transitional dress. You can wear it at the end of the summer when the nights get colder and you can wear it at the beginning of fall too, when the days are still warm. In combination with the dress I received a cardigan. I am big on cardigans. You can easily put them on when you’re freezing and you can take it off when you are sweating. Add tights to your dress so that you won’t freeze when a sunny day suddenly turns into cold. If you are not that into cardigans, you can combine dresses with blazers or jackets instead. But have in mind that not every summer dress can be transformed into a fall dress. This depends on the color and the material of the dress. Of course fall time is the time of boots, so add a beautiful pair to your look instead of sandals. Also tuck a scarf into your bag, be prepared just in case it gets cold. If you follow some simple fashion rules and take time to check your wardrobe you can easily create some stylish transitional looks and also save money this way. It´s not easy to say goodbye to summer, but transforming some of our favorite summer pieces into fall outfits can make this process easier. I’ d like to know, how do you transition your closet for autumn? And how do you like my navy blue dotted dress?

In collaboration with ABOUT YOU