Baby Shower & Pregnancy Update #3

by Ivana
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My dears it’s time for a new pregnancy update featuring all details about the baby shower. I am due in 5 weeks so I am now 35 weeks pregnant. Can’t believe how soon my little sweetheart will arrive. The upcoming week we are even going to start with prenatal acupuncture that should reduce delivery pain. How I felt the last weeks? Awesome! I had so much energy and I have to say that the third trimester is the one I enjoyed the most. No nausea and no vomiting anymore and no office work. I had time and energy to concentrate on what’s coming next. Am I anxious? Damn, yes! No, not the labor is what I am afraid of, it’s the first time after giving birth that I am worrying about, because I don’t want to do anything wrong. That’s why Iwan and I attended childhood education class and prenatal courses. We want to be best prepared for parenthood. Let’s say that the childhood education class was funny. We were provided with many strange tips that we definitely won’t follow. But it was nice to share this experience with Iwan and to meet other expecting couples. The breastfeeding course as well as the course for confinement after giving birth and baby care were on the contrary very good. We learned a lot and breastfeeding is something that’s very important to us. It’s the best way to feed your baby in the first months/year. We also gained information about diaper rash, newborn acne and many other facts we’ve never heard before. For those living in Vienna all the courses we attended are offered at Nanaya in the 7th district.

Now few details about the baby shower. We celebrated at Cupcakes Wien in the Albert Lane in the 8th Viennese district. Since we are having a baby girl this was just the perfect location. The interior decoration is pink, white, rose and floral – very girly. We preordered sweet and savory cupcakes and we had luck with the weather. Since it was a sunny and warm day we celebrated in the backyard. I wanna say thank you to all my lovely girlfriends for showing up, for their gifts and for honoring my little princess. It was important to me to celebrate such an event just with people who I consider as close friends and who are probably also going to play a part in the life of my daughter rather than to invite everyone I know.

How am I going to spend the last weeks of my pregnancy? I am not sure. I’ve planned a lot but I feel that I do have less energy since few days. So I should probably slow down a little bit and rest as much as I can. Also my body gives me signs that I should more relax. Simple things like vacuum-clean has become exhausting. For the first time in my life I am experiencing the carpal tunnel syndrome -this happens to 20 percent of all pregnant women – so I have tingling, numbness and pain in my hands and wrists. My right hand hurts especially badly. So yes also writing this post is painful. But no complaining, I am still too happy about my pregnancy! But this is another sign that I should not overwork myself. No worries, there will be a new post (on Doggy Love) here on the blog soon. Have a great start to the week my dears!