How to host a Serbian Dinner Party

by Ivana
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From time to time my lovely friends Sabine and Yvonne and I meet as a trio for a delicious dinner and enjoy hanging out together. First Sabine organised a yummy grill dinner and then Yvonne cooked Romanian dishes (she ain’t from Romania, she’s from Switzerland but has a special bond with Romania since she lived and worked there for some time) and last weekend we met at my place so it was my turn to serve a delicious dinner. As some of you may know I do have Serbian backround so I decided to introduce to them some of my favorite Serbian delicacies. Therefor I ordered some culinary specialities at my favorite Serbian restaurant in Vienna “Sokace” that is luckily located at the end of my residential street. I did not cook myself because Serbian food is very time-consuming in preparation. That’s why Iwan and I always order Serbian food instead of spending a whole day at the kitchen.

Here’s what I served:

Sarma: Sour cabbage leaves filled with ground meat and rice.

Mixed Grill: Including Cevapcici, Raznjici etc. Serbs eat a lot of in a wood stove grilled meat.

Kajmak: A yummy cheese with extreme creaminess made from the skimmed fat of caws´ milk and salt.

Ajvar: A side dish made of roasted peppers. It can be sweet or very hot.

Sopska Salad: Chopped salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions and crumbled white cheese (made of cow’s milk).

Serbian Boan Soup: Made of white beans and smoked meat.

Homemade Bun: Serbs eat a lot of white selfmade bread.

I served crepes with white Eurocrem and Lane Biscuits as dessert. A Jaffa Orange Cake would be another perfect option.

Have you ever been to Serbia or ever tasted the Serbian cuisine?