How to protect your own pet from aggressive dogs

by Ivana
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Today I’d like to tell you a true story about something terrible that is happening lately in my surrounding. While people do walk their dogs a pit bull ran across the street and attacks their dogs. This let me think about my dogs and what I could do to defend them. One thing is for sure, my Cocker Spaniels would not survive an attack by an pit bull. People informed the police station and we learned that three attacks happened by the same dog. Concequences? None! I checked on the internet what Iwan and I could do to save the life of our little ones if they would be attacked by a dangerous dog. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to protect our dogs is to carry a pepper-spray all the time with us and to use if needed. There are special pepper-sprays to defend yourself or your dog from agressive dogs. They are compact and affordable too and even available in fashionable designs. Have you ever been in the situation that you had to defend your dog? Do you have any tips on this topic?

The black bottled pepper-spray belongs to Iwan while I am not walking the dogs without the stylish blue edition.