by Ivana
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My lovelies, may I introduce? Our little princess FABIENNE arrived on 14th of November at 22 minutes after 8 o´clock in the evening, 49cm big and 3650g heavy. Iwan and I can not express how happy we are. We fighted 5 years for this miracle and are endlessly greatful that our biggest dream has finaly become reality! At this point I have to thank my gynecolist Marion Rankine for being there for us the last years and for making the impossible become possible. Seeing our a little girl for the very first time was very powerful and for both of us love at first sight. For now she does not look like a mini me, she ´s daddy’s girl. She has won daddy’s heart right from the start and that’s perfect, especially since mama still has not recovered from the unplanned c-section including the pain and the fever. I am amazed by the way and intensity Iwan loves and takes care of our newborn. I am so thankful that they have this special bond from the very start. Our little cutie has already had her first photo shooting during our stay at the hospital. Of course, I have to show you some of this beautiful pics. For all those living in Austria, this amazing photographies were taken by Maria Gasparova, I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do.