What´s new on Naomella

by Ivana
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My lovelies, I can not tell you how happy I am that I’ve  finished the new Naomella website before giving birth to my daughter! This was such a huge project – I had for example to implement all the pictures (over 1000) in a bigger resolution into the new content management system – and I really thought that I will not make it in time. I hope you like the changes. I’ve decided just to do an update of the old Naomella site and not to choose a completely new design. Only the category pages (Fashion & Beauty, Doggy Love, Lifestyle, Viennese) got a new design. What else is new on Naomella? The category Parenthood is new and here you’ll find blogposts on my pregnancy and motherhood. For now the plan is that my little princess will become part of Naomella just like Iwan, Naomi and Flacky are a part of my blog. The footer contains two new pages: Collaborations, where you find selected cooperations and a Blogroll, because I believe, that bloggers should support each other. Through reading and commenting on other blogs virtual connections and friendships do establish with time. The blogs are listened randomly and not in alphabetical order. If you are a blogger and have expected to find yourself on the list but your blog is missing, there’s no reason to be mad or disappointed. The blogroll will be updated on a regularly basis and it is possible that because of the pregnancy brain I’ve simply forgotten to mention you.

Of course I want to use this blogpost to say thank you to my cousins Milan and Vuk who have helped me with both Naomella websites. A big thank you also to their company Quantox and the team that was in charge of Naomella. It is of advantage to have cousins owning a web development agency and it’s even of a greater benefit that we are all from Serbia. Why? Because you don’t charge your family a cent 🙂 I really can not thank them enough for their endless support and generosity! My lovely readers, have fun with the new website and please keep your fingers crossed, my little princess shall arrive this week, so probably the next blogpost will be all about her!