All I want for Christmas is…Cashmere

by Ivana
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Hey my dears, Christmas is just around the corner, are you as excited as I am? It´s just the most beautiful time of the year and my all time favorite holidays. Since this is going to be the very first Christmas with our daughter Fabienne, it makes it even more special. Our first Christmas as a real family including our newborn and our dogs Naomi and Flacky of course. With the birth of our lovely daughter all our dreams came true, so there is not something that Iwan and I do really desire. We are very thankful for what we have and all we want for our family is to stay healthy. That´s what matters the most. But I know my hubby well, so I am pretty sure that he´s going to buy Christmas presents for his lovely ones. So how about something warm, soft and cuddly? For example a Cashmere-Poncho, a Cashmere-Scarf or a Cashmere-Skirt? Why Cashmere? Quality over quantity, right? Especially since I do own so many things, it´s important to me to get less stuff but therefor something of real good quality. Here you´ll find a great selection of Cashmere pieces. How about you? What do you wish for Christmas?