Must Have of the Month: Filigree Bracelets by New One

by Ivana
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My dears, I hope you are all happy and healthy. Sorry for not writing a post that long. It’s just that currently I enjoy more being offline and spending all the time with my babygirl, who´s turning three months this week on Valentine´s Day. Can’t believe how fast time is flying with a newborn. But finally I also found some time for Naomella. Since I’ve become mother I’ve been constantly asked how this has affected my life. Of course I will write a post on this topic in future but for now I can tell you one thing that has changed is the way I wear jewels – something I was never considering before. I love accessories and usually I prefer statement items over filigree ones, but since having Fabienne most of the time I do not wear jewels at all. Especially not when staying at home. When meeting friends or having important appointments I do choose decent jewels otherwise I could hurt Fabienne easily. Today I’d like to show you two new filigree bracelets I’ve bought the other day. My beloved statement pieces will be worn again from March on, when I’ll be back at office. How about you? Do you prefer statement or filigree jewels? And if you are a mom, how do you handle wearing jewels?


Topaz Dark Blue Bracelet designed by Sophie Deschamps
Topaz Light Blue Bracelet designed by Sophie Deschamps