Looking for the perfect spring bag

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Peek & Cloppenburg. My dears, spring is just around the corner and this means that also my birthday is coming up. For that reason I want to buy myself a new designer bag and also accessories. I found online so many beautiful things and I fell in love especially with pieces featuring floral applications. My dilemma is to decide what to take. There are too many beautiful treasures out there and I really have to take care not to spend too much money. Summer is also coming soon and we are maybe going on holidays or on a trip at least, so I should also save some money. Now I need your help, help me to decide in what pieces to invest my hard earned money. Tell me which bag and accessories that you see from this blogpost are your favorites? By the way if you are looking for some designer bags on sale, take a look online at Peek & Cloppenburg!