When dreams come true – Fabienne´s Birth Story

by Ivana
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Of course I’d like to share Fabienne’s birth story with you. But first lets go back and see how everything has started. If you are following this blog, you may know that we had troubles conceiving and so IVF was the only solution. From a previous trial we had some frozen embryos left and the one that should actually turn into a pregnancy with a happy end was transfered on 22 of February 2016. I remember this day exactly. I was working that day but feeling very happy and relaxed and I was looking forward for what was coming later that day. Iwan and I met at the private hospital, both very cheerful and with a very good feeling, so unlike the previous unsuccessful time. Also our gynecologist was very happy that day and convinced that this embryo is finally the one that will change our life forever. And that’s the way it turned out to be. Only nine days later on the 3rd of March I had to go to laboratory for a blood test, only few hours later we got the results. I was at work when I got the email, that the results are online and so I ran to the restroom with my mobile phone, took a deep breath, and I looked at the results. My first reaction? I was shaking! I was so happy when I saw what’s going on and scared to death at the same time too. But something told me this time everything is going to be fine! And yes the pregnancy was not without complications, but all the time I knew, not this time, this time everything will be alright. I had bleedings only few days after I learned that I am pregnant, so I got progesteron injections twice a week in the first trimester. At week 23 we had to stay in hospital for 5 days because my kidneys collapsed. The pain was so fucking strong! They gave me morphium, so you can imagine how painful the situation has been. This has been the only time when I was afraid for a second and doubted in a happy end. But we had luck and so there were no more complications during the pregnancy.

November the 11 was the day Fabienne was supposed to arrive, but nothing happened that day. So we decided to induce labor three days later. Neither Iwan nor I wanted to wait longer, we didn’t wanna to risk that anything could go wrong on the last step. After inducing everything went very fast. Only 4 hours later, thanks to acupunctur, I was ready ro push my baby out. Well, spending another 4 hours on pushing we knew something was wrong. The ultrasound showed that she was in the right position but her face was not looking in the right direction and so we had to do a sectio. I was fine with it, because the pda failed, something that the anesthesist denied all the time, but my gynecologist confirmed later, and so I had muchn pain and no time for recovery at all, because I had every 20 seconds contractions. I felt relieved when learning that we have to do a section while Iwan was shocked. I also had nausea and had to vomit all the time, also during the surgery. All in all I wanted it to end as soon as possible. And then suddenly I heard Iwan saying ‘she’s here, she’s here, oh my god she’s here’. Everyone in the room was happy and was kissing me. My first reaction was saying how cut she is and that Iwan should take good care of her. The next two hours he spent with her while I was im the recovery room. How I felt? Good, the first day after the sectio I had no pain, but this changed suddenly. I got fever and my blood results were very bad. I got infusions and I felt sick, something that I didn’t like at all. I wanted to take care of my newborn and not to be sick myself.  But Iwan was great. He spent four nights at the hospital, sleeping on a chair, and helped me a lot. He was the best father for our little princess from the beginning on! After spending 7 days at the hospital we were able to go home and to start our new life as a real family.