Office Outfit needed #2

by Ivana
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My lovelies, as you may know I started working in March, only one month after the maternity leave. Iwan is taking care of our little princess Fabienne while I am at work and he is doing a fabulous job! But I do have a problem! I haven’t lost the last 10 pounds that I have gained in my pregnancy. I know they say give yourself 9 months to loose those pregnancy weight because you needed that long to gain it, but at the same time this means I have to buy new business attire. My style has not changed after my pregnancy! I am still totally into dresses, skirts and blouses while I don’t like trousers at all. Beautiful accessories are also very important. Here you’ll find an impressive selection and must-haves of business attire. On my wishlist are a frosted pink skirt, probably pleated, some loose-fitting dresses, so that the baby fat of my belly isn´t visible as well as no tight-fitting blouses, because I don´t want to loose breast milk. Some pieces I really do like you´ll find in my collages. Which ones are your favorites?