The cutest Spring Fashion for Baby Girls

by Ivana
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My lovelies, let´s continue with the very first blogpost on baby fashion for girls. Since having Fabienne my shopping behaviour changed completely. For example I enjoy much more to shop baby stuff than to buy something for myself – I will give you more details on that in a seperate blogpost in the near future. Especially clothing for baby girls is so extremely cute and very hard to resist not to buy them although I take care not to shop too much for my little monkey since babies grow too fast. Some moms I know do not buy pink clothes for their daughters on purpose and they avoid everything that reminds them on princesses. However I love to buy all the girly stuff including tulle and rhinestones. As long as it looks classy and not cheesy, it´s all fine with me. My lovely friends know how much fashion matters to me and assumed that this also would be the case with Fabienne´s clothing. That´s why I also do not really like when someome buy clothes for Fabienne as a gift. Because if I don´t like the stuff I donate them. When we celebrated baby shower all guests were informed not to buy baby clothes. Instead we got beautiful diaper cakes and wipes and diapers are that what we needed the most the last months, so it has been the right decision.

Since I am totally into fashion for baby girls I´d love to show you some pieces that are currently on my wishlist. I found very cute baby clothing at Esprit. Their baby fashion is urban and trendy as well as comfortable and of a great quality. This spring I am falling for combinations featuring the colors blue, rose/red and white.

I´ll be back soon with another blogpost and I´ll also tell you a happy endling story about our lovely Naomi soon. Wishing you all a great week and stay tuned!