A Story with a Happy Ending

by Ivana
heart with a block heart background
heart with a block

My dears, I´ve mentioned in the last blogpost that our little cutie Naomi had a surgery at the end of March and I promised you to tell you all the details soon. So here we go. The other day at the end of my pregnancy I discovered a knot in the breast area while cuddling with Naomi. For a moment my heart stood still. It was like a deja vu. My first dog Doris died because of breast cancer and it was also me who spotted the knots back then. Our vet confirmed the diagnosis and informed us that we have to find out if the tumors are benign or malignant. She said that a mastectomy and castration would be the best to save Naomi’s life. First we had to check her lungs to see if there are metastases what could have been possible in the case of cancer. We had  luck, everything was fine with her lungs. Than we had to visit a cardiology to see if a surgery would be of a high risk for Naomi because she was born with a cardiac anomaly. But also here great news, there were no signs of any heart failure anymore. Now we had to wait for the perfect time to arrive for the surgery depending on her menstruation. A hard time, because Naomi has her period only twice a year. A time full of fears was in front of us because of the risk of new cancer cells somewhere else in her body in case of malignant breast tumors.

On the one side this period of time has been the greatest in our life because of giving birth to Fabienne and on the other side we were afraid of loosing Naomi. After our huge loss in 2015 I were just not ready to let somone else go. On the day of the surgery everything went fine. I had a good feeling the whole day and I was convinced that she will survive. Do you believe in signs? I do! One week before I celebrated my birthday in advance a close friend of mine gave me a box filled with beautiful wishes for Naomi that she wrote down on little papers. What happened? In the morning before the surgery at random I´ve chosen the note with the words ‚happy end` written on it. Thanks to this slip of paper I had the chance to think positive and to believe that everything will be fine at the end of the day. My brother brought Naomi and me to the clinic by car while Iwan was at home taking care of Fabienne and Flacky. Only few hours later I received the call that the surgery went well and that Naomi is awake. Only one day later Naomi was back home. One week later we were informed that all tumors were benign and we couldn´t be more grateful for that. No cancer! I still thank god every day for this great gift.

Because of this happy ending, Iwan and I decided that this summer holidays our dogs have to come with us and that they should enjoy too. That´s why we have rented a house by the shore and with a big magical garden in Croatia. Naomi loves swimming – you´ll find some photo proofs here and here – and a garden is always great for dogs. Since we are travelling for the very first time by car with the dogs we have to buy some essentials like two secure travelling boxes for dogs, and floating toys. If you have any further tips, let us know.