Our world #April2017

by Ivana
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My dears, since time flies and I don´t want to forget all the beautiful moments that happened in my life I decided to capture all the precious happenings in a monthly blogpost and to share them with you. Let´s start with April 2017. April is by the way my favorite month of the year. I guess this is because I was born in April and I love to celebrate my birthday. The greatest birthday gift this year has been the great news that my little princess Naomi will recover fully. I really do thank god endlessly for that. Naomi had a surgery at the End of March, but more on that in the next blogpost. So the last month has all been about Naomi and taking good care of her. For four weeks she was not allowed to move or to manage stairs. Finally we booked our summer holidays and so we are going to travel for the very first time in our live to Croatia. I have to admit that it was really hard to find a house near the see because of Naomi and Flacky. The dogs are coming with us and so we got many cancellations at the beginning, but we couldn´t be more happy in the end. We´ve rented a cute eco house that is solar-powered and has a magical garden. Also Iwan started a new job and our lovely babygirl got her first two teeth. Here comes the review of April – some pictures were taken with my mobile phone and not with my Nikon, so sorry for that.

Surprises of the month

My lovely colleague at work, who is also running a blog (, surprised me with a home-baked, vegan and low carb muffin for my birthday.

I was very happy when a very close friend of mine gifted Fabienne with a cute sleepsuit by Ralph Lauren that she bought on her shopping trip at Parndorf.

Snap of the month

Me and my sweet girl Fabienne. This photo was taken with my iPhone 6s. No idea why, but my mobile phone is not taking pictures of a good quality. Nevertheless I like this photo and wanted it on the blog. I hope you don´t mind the bad quality and the next time I´ll use Iwans iPhone 7.



Of course I´ve also bought a bag and accessory by Michael Kors like mentioned here. But I´ll show you my new arrivals in a seperate blogpost.

Food Diary

Dinner with Iwan at Das Eduard

Lunch with a dear friend at Yamm

By the way I would be the worst food blogger ever. Most of the time I simply forget to take pictures of the food.

Favorite Songs

Each month I´d love to introduce to you a favorite English song as well as one in my mother tongue Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian

Iwan and Fabienne can not get enough of this song lately. It is so cute to see them dancing around and having fun while listening to Ciaos Adios.