Looking for the perfect swimsuit

by Ivana
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My dears, June has been such an intense month with lots of quality time with my friends but I also worked a lot over time. Finally I have time again for Naomella and also to plan our holidays. In only few weeks we will travel to Croatia and I have to organise few things till then. Fabienne needs a passport, we need to buy secure travelling boxes for Naomi and Flacky and so on. Luckily I found a swimsuit I like at H&M, at least one thing I can delete on my I-really-need-this-for-my-holidays-list. Swimsuits belong to the it-pieces of this summer season, that’s why I’ve prepared a great collection for you in the widgets below. There’s a huge selection of swimsuits this year and you’ll find everywhere beautiful ones. All brands provide them, just to name few of them, Mango, La Scana, Michael Kors, Moschino etc. By the way at La Scana you’ll find (in German) a great beachwear trend guide featuring which trend fits which body type and personality. I decided to buy a swimsuit because of the stretch marks I got after giving birth (yes, no stretch marks during the pregnancy but afterwards…). My mom preferred swimsuits because of her scars from her surgeries, she always felt very uncomfortable showing them in public. It doesn’t matter if you are into swimsuits because of a certain reason or just because there are very trendy this summer, for sure you need one in your closet and in your luggage. What about you? Do you own a swimsuit? Have you already bought everything for your upcoming holidays?