Our world #May2017

by Ivana
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I can´t believe we have June, time flies indeed, especially if you do have a baby. By the way, you have no clue how much time you had for everything and everyone in the past before becoming a mother. In May we spend a lot of time at home because we were all sick. First Iwan, than I, but thankfully thanks to surgical masks and frequent hand washing Fabienne stayed healthy, she just had cough on two days but her doctor said that she was fine. Being sick as mom aint´t funny and in general I had no time for being ill, but that´s the way life goes and so I had to cancel and to reschedule many appointmaints I was looking for. Maybe this has also been a sign of my body to slow down the things a bit, who knows. Since May I also do work 2 hours a week more than in the past. That´s why I really have to say thank you to my hubby and that´s not be taken for granted. I know how much luck Fabienne and I do have and I am very proud of our little family. Here comes the review of May – like last month some pictures were taken with my mobile phone.

Surprises of the month

My lovely neighbour Barbara surprised us with Sacher cake, my favorite tarte of all time by the way.

In May I celebrated my very first Mother´s Day. What I got from Iwan? Stuff from Nespresso and a wonderful floral bouquet. Thanks a lot to my hubby for this wonderful presents! I also want to thank my girlfriends for their lovely messages for Mother´s Day.

My cousin and his wife has been to the USA and brought us some presents – a dress by Ralph Lauren and a cute body with animal print. By the way, they are running the travel blog Our life trips.



Clothing for baby girls is just too cute. This is what we bought in May.


I am really trying not to shop a lot for myself. I really do have to much clothing and I like the thought of zero waste. In my 20s I was obsessed with buying new clothes. In my 30s I see shopping more as lavish and idiotic. Cheers to changes.

Snap of the month

I love this snap of Fabienne.

Sleeping in daddy´s arms.

#nofilter #reallife #happiestmommy

Food Diary

Lunch with a lovely friend at Marks. Since we were all in all 3 weeks sick in May, we ordered food very often or we ´ve done our own cooking. And because most of the time I simply forget to take pictures of the food at restaurants, this month I can only show you this one meal. I promise you the June review will be full of food pictures therefor. 🙂

Favorite Series

I can´t get enough of Cookie & Lucious. This series is for all fans of Hip-Hop & R&B. Do you have any recommendations for me? I do not like the series ’13 reasons why’. Why? Take a look at the blog of Christne Polz. I absolutely do share the same opinion.

Favorite Songs

One of my favorite Serbian artists and I love this video that was shot in New York.

I love this Spanish love song with a happy ending.

Here you´ll find the review of our world in April.