The first 6 months with a baby

by Ivana
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My dears, today I’d love to tell you a little bit about our first 6 months with Fabienne. Recently Iwan reminded me that our little monkey is not that much featured on our blog and he wants us to capture all the great moments also on Naomella. So I will try to write more posts on parenting in future, if I find time to do so. Currently I work only on the blog when Fabienne is sleeping and even than I have to decide what to do first, cleaning the house, working on the blog or answering the missed calls and messages of my lovely girlfriends and family. When she is awake she has my full attention, something that is very important to me.

The very first week we spent in hospital because of the unplanned c-section. Since I was not feeling well after this surgery Iwan was a big help for me. The first week at home he stayed with us and did not go to work and he took good care of me, Fabienne, the dogs, our home. I was spending the first days with trying to breast feed and to express breast milk to raise the amount, since I had not enough milk. Gladly with time I succeeded. Breast feeding is something that’s very important to me since it is the healthiest nutrition for a baby. Now she’s 6,5 months old and she’s still getting my milk and baby food too since few weeks.

Like probably all new moms I was afraid the day we left the hospital how I would manage it all by my own! In hospital they have shown everything to Iwan due to my c-section. I remember I was a bit afraid the very first time when I had to change the diapers, the clothes and to bath her while Iwan was already experienced. The day came when Iwan had to go to work again. Of course I was worrying staying the first time alone with her, but everything went fine and we had actually a great time. From this moment on I knew whatever may come I will handle it and the fears left me.

Sleep deprivation was not a big issue for me, but I had to get used to the tiredness and to still accomplish the things like I am fit. But after few weeks I learned to deal with the tiredness and also Iwan did.

Fabienne is a real sunshine and most of the time it’s easy to take care of her, even when she got her first teeth, there was no drama – by the way she got her first two theeth when she was 4,5 months old and since last week she has 4 teeth. She’s only crying when there is a reason, when she is hungry, sleepy or the diapers need to be changed. All our friends were surprised how relaxed Fabienne is when they met her the first time. Of course the older she is the more she has her own opinion and she knows exactly what she wants and what not and we love this!

One blogger friend asked me to write a blogpost on our everyday life with a baby so I will prepare a blogpost on this topic soon.