Must have of the Month: Dolce Rosa Excelsa

by Ivana
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My dears, like I´ve already mentioned in my last blogpost, last month I enjoyed some shopping and I spent too much money on pretty little things. Also in July I had to buy some stuff that was on sale or so damn cute. Maybe the shopping mood just comes with the summer season, you know summer, sun, fun… According to my work colleague it´s also the stress and like already said June was such an intense month. Yes, this theory also makes sense in my eyes too. Actually I don´t have to feel that bad about it because most of the buys were for Fabienne and since she is growing she constantly needs new things. I also bought lots of presents for my family from Serbia that I will meet very soon. But I also pampered myself a bit and so I decided to get me a new perfume at I went for Dolce Rosa Excelsa by Dolce & Gabbana, a floral and clean scent (Top: Neroli leaves, Papaya flower, White Water Lily and White Daffodil; Heart: Turkish Rose Absolute, African Dog Rose; Base: Musky notes, Cashmeran and Sandalwood), just perfect for the summer.

What I like at ParfumGroup is that they provide useful tips for their customers. So I learned a lot on how to choose the right scent for me and especially on how to store perfumes the right way. Actually perfumes don´t have an expiration date – something that I appreciate, because I have many scents and it takes years until I get rid of them. Bathrooms are for example not the right place to store perfumes because their room temperature is not constantly the same. Bedrooms would be of a better choice. By the way it crosses my mind that I do have all my scents in the bedroom while those of my hubby Iwan are in the bathroom. We will have to change this and to make place in bedrooms for his perfumes too. It is also important to protect the fragrances from lights why a closet is the ideal place to store them. And only take with you a small flacon in your handbag, because bottles shouldn´t be shaked, excess air can be harmful.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa Eau de Parfum

Must have of the Month: Dolce Rosa Excelsa

What was the last fragrance you have bought? And which one do you recommend?