Our world #June2017

by Ivana
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My dears, somehow I am really happy that June is over and July has arrived. June was such an intense month, like I already mentioned in my last blogpost, with lot of work and organisation stuff to do for our holidays. I also met my lovely friends quite often. So this month I have enough food photos in stock to show you, so unlike the last month. One thing is for sure, I wish a day would have more than just 24 hours. Since I become mom I´d really need a day to have more hours. This month we are looking forward to travel to Croatia! Therefor we had to get Fabienne a passport and we shopped a lot like an inflatable pool float (yes, thanks to Instagram I had to get myself one too, of course I bought a Flamingo, I felt in love with one in rose gold although it was expensive). We also fixed a date in November for Fabiennes baptism. The same day we will celebrate also Iwan´s baptism and Fabienne´s birthday. I thought to organize the baptism for Iwan and Fabienne will be complicated and I was very surprised how kind the Serbian church is and I am very thankful for that. They even allowed us to keep the French name Fabienne, they will just spell it differently: Fabijen. In Serbian you write words the way they are pronounced and I am totally okay with that. On the 5th of June was the 17th death day of my mom so we went to the church to light a candle. I also decided to visit that day places I used to visit with my mom when I was a child. So Iwan, Fabienne and I went to the Wasserpark (water park), where we saw beautiful swans and to the Danube park and we had a lovely memorial day.

Snapshot of the month

Naomella Fabienne

Food Diary


Getting some ice cream on a hot day with a lovely friend in a small city near Vienna called Himberg.


I´ve visited with my lovely friend Sabine the market event Feschmarkt in Vienna. We ate Poffertjes there for the very first time.


Sushi for dinner with my gorgeous Lubica.


Starbucks with my BFF Kati.


Dinner at L´Osteria with my lovely Kati.


Special Events


Fabienne and I made a cake for Iwan for his first fathersday.

Favorite Series

In June I watched all episodes of Riviera with Julia Stiles. I can highly recommend this thriller series to my readers.

Favorite Song

Favorite Vlog

I just can´t get enough of the funny videos by Tova Leigh. I also truly enjoy reading her blog on motherhood, marriage and body image. To all the moms out there, what mom blogger do you like and recommend currently?


I´ve shopped a lot in June. I bought some great stuff on sale. Some of them you can see in the widget below. I also prepared for you a widget with some summer must-haves.

I bought this beautiful rose dress for baby girls for Fabienne at H&M as well as the rose bucket hat.