Croatia Impressions

by Ivana
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My dears, the last week of July we spent in Croatia and today I´d like to show you some impressions of our holidays. Did we have a great time? Yes, of course, but travelling with a baby and two dogs also means that it is impossible that the vacation will be free of stress. Besides eight days are just too short to recover fully. I wish we could have stayed longer on holidays, but since Iwan is having a new job since April this year, we are lucky that he was allowed to take leave anyway.

Did I like the country and the Croats? To be honest, since I am from another former Yugoslavian country, Serbia, I felt like home. I have not seen any differences between this two folks. Both are extremely welcoming and crazy about babies and children. The food and the language are the same too. Also the architecture is the same, it´s just that Serbia does not have a coast. Something I am very very very sorry about, but hey, there is still Belgrade. The capital of former Yugoslavia is amazing and always great for a city trip.

Soon I will share more details with you about our holidays as well as our learnings, but for today enjoy some pictures of beautiful Croatia and the crystal clear sea. Am I ever going to spent holidays in Croatia again? Oh for sure, next time definitely in Split. How about you? Have you ever travelled to Croatia? Where have you been and did you like it?


Croatia_Sevid Sea

Croatia white black swan flamingoI

Croatia white black swan flamingo

Croatia white swan


Croatiarosegold flamingo

Croatia rosegold flamingo with F

Croatia Sevid Sea Boot