An eco home with a magical garden

by Ivana
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My dears, today I´d love to show you the eco house with a magical garden that we´ve rented for our stay in Croatia. Like mentioned before it was quite difficult to find one and we got many annulations because of our two dogs Naomi and Flacky. I can´t tell you how happy we have been when this accommodation was confirmed. Iwan fould this beautiful Dalmatian house online at Wimdu and we really just can recommend it to anyone who is planning to go on holidays in Croatia. Of course we want to share our experiences and to provide some further informations that you won´t find online when booking. First of all the house is much more beautiful in reality than on the pictures you get to see online. This was a great surprise. The house runs on solar power and is not located in Sevid like it is mentioned. Actually it is 20 minutes far away and you really need a car to get there and also to go to a grocery shop cause you are really isolated. But therefor it´s calm and you have only few neighbors and your beach is kinda private. The house is located in a natural reserve and a snake may come across. It needed me two days to accept this fact and yes one day there was a snake in front of our house. But all homes there are secured and you should just run away if you see a red snake. Those are the ones who are dangerous. The houses are good protected so there are no chances to find a snake inside. We had really lovely neighbors from Zagreb, meeting great people on holidays is always an amazing experience – greetings to Slavica, Martini and Rajka. The renters of our house were very kind and very welcoming. So they serve for their guests Croatian delicacies and you can call them anytime in case you need anything. Our favorite place at the house was the barbecue area in the garden. Iwan was in charge of making delicious dinners. All in all the eco house with a magical garden is such a lovely home and especially the perfect stay if you need a change and want to come down. What about you, do you have any recommandations for a stay in Croatia? Wishing you all a great new week!