Fall Flowers

by Ivana
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Romantic floral prints in fall? Definitely yes! I love florals on clothing since many years and I am very happy that the fashion industry serves up an eye-popping bouquet of bold blooms this fall. Also my closet is filled with floral blouses, skirts and especially dresses. Nevertheless I gave in to temptation and invested my hard earned money in an olive-green flower fall dress with rose blooms on it and a red floral wrap dress. You can style flower clothing very easily with boots, leather jackets or knit and create various outfit combinations. Either how you feel you can go for a romantic, a cool, a feminine or a cheerful look. Cherry blossoms, orchids, rose bloom and floral embroidery are all over this season. Besides floral patterns can perform miracles on cold rainy autumnal days and can put you into a good mood. Furthermore you can use some of your floral summer clothing items and transform them with the help of a great sweater, tights, boots and a pretty coat into a beautiful fall look. This way you also save money. This is what I am especially doing with all the cute dresses of Fabienne. Next summer season they will be too small for her, so I transform them with a cute cardigan and tights into great fall looks. This flower tulle skirt is currently on my wishlist as well as an embroidered striped blouse like this one – I´v mentioned in this blogbost that I am looking for one. I also fell in love with this amazing dark blue cardigan. Although I am not into trousers, I have to confess that I really like this pants here. I hope, I´ve provided some great shopping tips for you on floral clothing and I am looking forward to your comments. What do you think about floral patterns for fall?

Tulle Skirt via Farfetch