How many lives does a dog have?

by Ivana
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We all know the myth that cats do have 9 lives. But what about dogs? How many lives do they have? Why am I questioning myself that? Well our little cutie Naomi got into life-threatening situations several times, especially on our travels. Thank God everything went fine each time. Few years ago we were for few days in Munich. Like most tourists we visited the English garden that is well known for the river Isar. What happened? As soon as Naomi saw the river she jumped into the water and the turbulent flow carried her away. She only survived because she is such a great swimmer and because Iwan got into the water to rescue her. You can read this story here.  On our latest vacation in Croatia she had almost hang herself. No, you did not misread. We were visiting my family from Serbia, that were at the same time on holidays in Croatia and their apartment had a veranda. Naomi and Flacky were leashed. While Flacky is calm and always a great dog Naomi is all into drama. Our very thin crazy dog had the idea to ignore the grids and to leap down. Right, she jumped. What happened? Since she was leashed at the neckline, she was hanging down. Fortunately there were a passerby who reacted immediately and unleashed Naomi. We were all shocked and very thankful at the same time. The stranger and his great reaction saved her life, otherwise her neck would have been broken. We decided to never ever go on holidays in another country with Naomi. This is just too dangerous! She is going to stay with my dad like many times before. Always look on the bright side of life, right? The side benefit is that retrospectively we can laught about this story and that we are very grateful for everything. Once more we saw how easy it is to loose someone very precious and that we all should cherish each other. We are very happy that Naomi had her second happy ending this year, maybe you remember she already had to go through a surgery this year. How about you and your pets? Do you have any crazy experiences or stories that you would like to share?