Indian Summer Look

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Flaconi. My dears, I hope all of you had such beautiful sunny weather last week like we did have in Vienna and that you all are enjoying this warm late autumn (presumed it is fall in your country). That´s why I´d love to show you my perfect make-up for an Indian Summer Look and to introduce to you some of my favorite beauty products for this occasion. By the way, if someone is not yet familiar with the expression Indian Summer, that´s how a a period of unseasonably warm in autumn with glorious blue sky and beautiful discolored leaves is called. One of my favorite places of all times in Vienna is Schönbrunn, where we have also shot the photos for this blogpost. What is your perfect make-up for such incredibly warm autumnal days? Which colors do you use for an Indian Summer Look?

Halo Hair Extensions

Guerlain Météorites Pearls of Powder
I am very happy about my two new make-up products by Guerlain. The Météorites Powder Pearls have been for so long on my wishlist and I finally can call them mine. It was love at first sight, the beautiful packaging, the adorable colorful pearls and the unforgettable violet fragrance have stolen my heart immediately. The Stardust technology creates a pure and endless glow on the skin. The blend of radiant blue-toned white, yelow, mauve and pink pearls has the power to counter redness, to make your skin look fresh and to create a corrective halo.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte
The Kiss Kiss Matte lipstick is available in nine captivating shades. I went for the color Daring Pink. The subtle spice extract makes the lips look voluminous. Thanks to precious oils and the hyaluronic acid the lips stay hydrated and smooth.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Mate

Essie Nr 45 Sole Mate
Every girl and woman should have a burgundy shade in her nail polish collection for this fall. You´ll find a great selection at Essie, I´ve chosen the shiny Sole Mate that creates an elegant and smooth line and provides full coverage.

L’Oréal Color Riche Quad
Since I´ve chosen the color red for my lips to create the perfect Indian Summer Look I wanted to use for my eyes subtle make-up and I went for a beige trench riche quad by L’Oréal featuring one hazel, one light-grey and two beige, colors. Easy to apply, velvety texture, ultra-intense-pigments.

Make up for Indian Summer

Haarausfall bei Männern | Haarsysteme ,Toupets, und Haarteile für Männ

Indian Summer Eye Make-up

Filimin gindian Summer look in Schönbrunn Vienna

Photos: Fero Zboray for