Our World #summer2017

by Ivana
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My dears, summer is gone and so I want to share our memories with you on the blog. Especially since naomella is kind of a family diary, I don´t want to miss all the happenings of the last three months here. I can tell that time flies and that the sunny time ended to soon and to abrupt somehow this year, but although we have too much to do and too little time we tried to enjoy every second. I mean that´s they way we all should live, right? To enjoy our lifes and to be grateful. So we are very thankful for our very first holidays with Fabienne, together with the dogs. I already shared with you some impressions here and here. We are living nearby the Schönbrunn palace and the zoo and so we´ve spent a lot of time there. Actually always when I am running out of time I like to meet all the other baby mamas and their kids there. 🙂 Since it´s one of the most beautiful places in Vienna, it´s always worth visiting Schönbrunn. In the colder season I am more into spending time at home and inviting my friends to come over. Apropos home, we are going to pimp up our flat a little bit the upcoming weeks. In November Fabienne is celebrating here first birthday and on the same day her´s and Iwan´s baptism will take place and we will have guests from Serbia for these special occasions – so we thought it´s the perfect time for some renovations. In September Iwan and I celebrated our 10th anniversary, but I think I want to tell you more about this in a seperate blogpost. For now here comes the review of the months July, August and September:

Special Places

Like mentioned in this blogpost our first pregnancy ended at week 20. The summer months we use to visite the baby grave as often as we can.

Schönbrunn Zoo

This summer we visit for the very first time the Vienna Zoo with Fabienne. We have also invested our money in an annual pass.

Hello Croatia


The very first country Fabienne visited is Croatia.

Iwan and Fabienne on the beach in Sevid

Iwan and Fabienne relaxing on the beach in Sevid.

Ivana and Fabienne enjoying Sevid Sunset

Me and my princess enjoying the sunset of Sevid.

We spent some beautiful hours in Sibenik on our last day in Croatia.

Split 2017

The place I liked most in Croatia is Split and I hope we will go on holidays there one day.

Special Moments

25h hotel room in Vienna

For our 10th anniversary Iwan and I decided to check in at the 25hours hotel.

My lovely colleague and I have won a gift coupon for hamam. This was such a great new experience and I think I am going to tell you more about it in a seperate blogpost.

Food Diary

Lunch at the Simple Raw Bakery with my lovely friend Kati. I enjoyed a super yummy Avocado-Quinoa salade, that I use to prepare myself since then.

Diglas Quiche, Vienna

Quiche at Diglas

Dinner Iwan made in Croatia

Iwan prepared an amazing dinner in the eco house with the magical garden.

Simply Raw Bakery Vienna

Lunch at the Simple Raw Bakery with my lovely friend Kati on another day.


Shopping floral dresses

I mentioned in my last post that I invested my money in an olive-green flower fall dress with rose blooms on it and a red floral wrap dress. So here there are and I love wearing them also through colder days. Both dresses are on sale now by the way.

Favorite Vlog

I love watching the videos of Sugar Mamma. Canna is uploading mondays and thursdays videos on finances, fashion and minimalism.