Cozy sweaters for cold winter days

by Ivana
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My dears, this winter season I am all into one fashion piece that I´ve always kind of ignored in the past, cause I really did not like it at all! But this winter I am falling for beautiful sweaters. Indeed my whole life I found them very boring, unsexy and their designs were not flattering for curvy girls and women. But the fashion industry got creative and changed all that! Boring was yesterday! The new ones do have stones or paillettes on them for example. You‘‘ll find ones with flute sleeves, ruffles, ombre or color blocking. There are so many pretty and cool sweaters available so that we are really spoilt for choice. Very popular are currenly jumpers with pearls, I do miss one in my wardrobe and I have to put it on my wishlist. From this and this blogpost you may know how much I love ponchos and capes so it was clear that I would fell in love with this poncho-jumper. At the end of a year Christmas jumpers are very popular. We all know them from American Christmas movies. I am still looking for the perfect one, although they are very kitschy somehow they are kind of cute too. Maybe I´ll find a great one next year. How do you like my selection of jumpers. What do you think about Christmas sweaters, do you think they are funny or  do you believe thay are fashion disasters?

Sweaters for cold winter days


grey poncho sweater by peter hahn

This cashmere poncho-jumper is currently my must-have. Further beautiful ones you´ll find here.