How to dress for your Office Christmas Party

by Ivana
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My dears, the most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner, at least it´s my favorite time of the year and I hope you all are as much excited as I am. Since only few weeks are left til the holidays, it´s time to think about what we are going to wear at various Christmas partys. Usually the first one is given by your employer and you do kind of preparty with your colleagues before real Christmas and the celebration with your lovely ones. So for some of us this festive occassions are a great excuse to spend their money on something from their wishlist and to buy some must-haves. Investing in velvet pieces and in lace is never a waste of money. I am all about pleated fabrics this year, so my wardrobe features several pleated dresses, skirts and tops. That is to say I am wearing pleats this holiday season. Sequins, pearls and shiny clothes are also gorgeous for Christmas and New Year´s Eve and are never over the top. Less is more is not the case around this time of the year. I actually do love dresses and skirts with blouses, but I have to say that a beautiful classic black overall like this one here is also a great option. When it comes to jewels I prefer sparkling jewels, star jewelry and pearls for Christmas and New Year and I am wearing my high quality pieces quite often at the end of a year. I love metallic shoes and I have put an eye on those here. Have you already thought about your perfect Christmas outfits for this year? I´ve seen wonderful pieces for x-mas for example at Esprit, Nordstrom and Farfetch. Do you have the Christmas spirit and do you love this time of the year as much as I do or would you rather skip it? I for one do wish that every day would be like Christmas.

Collage X-Mas Office Pary Looks