Sparkling jewels and some thoughts on true love

by Ivana
heart with a block heart background
heart with a block

Hi my dears, it´s Christmas time, it´s the season of giving without a thought of getting and you can feel the love that is all around. If you remember this blogpost you may know how much I love jewels, especially heart shaped jewels as well as other icons that are associated with true and endless love. It´s just that I always believed in eternal love. Do you remember the scene from Sex and the City when Carry Bradshaw is saying I am looking for „ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can´t-live-without-each-other love“? That´s exactly how I see the things too. Iwan and I are together for 10 years and we both are trying our best that this remains like that and that we stay happy and in love. But taking a look around, you see many couples splitting up and giving up on love what is really heartbreaking. I have never been a huge fan of divorces, breaking ups, relationships with temporary life partners or open relationships in generel. Just recently I saw on tv that many couples do not survive Christmas. Don´t get me wrong of course we should not hold on on every relationship. Splitting up is in some cases necessary, for example if the love has gone, or if you were betrayed or if there is domestic abuse and there are much more good reasons to quit an unhealthy relationship. Very often I got the impression, that couples break up because of nothing, mostly because of hurt proud. Love hurts, that is the truth and sometimes your darling will say or do anything that is not inappopriate, but let´s try to solve the things first before saying goodbye to each other. I won´t lie to you being together for 10 years is a long time, so of course we also had some really cruel fights, but this is happening in every longlasting relationship and if someone is telling you that their marriage is always 24/7 in harmony this person is simply lying. When you marry you promise til the death tears us apart, at least you should try to have a succesful relationship. If it´s not working out, that´s okay, but I miss nowadays the trying. It´s also very heartbreaking that I have girlfriends that are now in their 30s who have given up on love. They do have boyfriends, but tell me all the time how they are not in love, but they don´t want to go on dates and to try to meet anyone else because it´s exhausting. I get them, I am just very sorry, when I see them don´t believing in love anymore. With this blogpost I´d love to celebrate love, the eternal, neverending love that is so rare today and I am showing you some beautiful jewels that remind us and let us dream of true love. A great selection you´ll also find here at Christ. What about you? Do you believe in true love and in happily ever after? Have you found your Mr. or Mrs. Perfect? I´d love to know your opinion on this topic.

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