Hello 2018 & Our world #BestOf2017

by Ivana
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My dears, happy new year to all of you! May 2018 be a wonderful year for all of us with lots of great moments! I know many of us are reevaluating the previous year and are making plans and resolutions for the new year. This year I have decided to skip all of that. In 2017 there were some ups and downs like in almost every year. Some unforeseen events and obstacles happened as well as wonderful moments, so that I am ending the year 2017 being very grateful for all the great memories. I am not afraid of 2018 and I do have no expectations. I am very lucky, because I already know that I will wake up with a smile on my face and be happy when I go to bed because of my Fabienne. Everything I do wish for 2018 is that all my lovely ones stay healthy, nothing matters more than that. Happy New Year everyone!

All the moments with Fabienne are very special to me like when she said mama for the first time, she was only 3,5 months old back then.


Our crazy and cute dog Naomi had so much luck in 2017. First of all she survived the surgery and recovered well. We are so blessed cause it turned out she did not had cancer, all the tumors were benign. I have written about this in the blog post A Story with a Happy Ending.

Croatia holidays with dogs

In summer we were for the first time on holidays with Fabienne and the dogs together.

Spielgruppe Nanaya

Monday afternoons we attended a play group for babies in Nanaya. This photo as well as the header were taken by the wonderful photographer Anna Cordes, who I met at the play group together with her son.

25hHotel Vienna

Love ain´t easy sometimes. I told you about this in the previous blogpost Sparkling jewels and some thoughts on true love. Iwan and I are together since 2007 and so we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2017. We checked in for one night at the beautiful 25 hours hotel in Vienna.

Baptism Iwan and Fabienne

On the 14th of November Fabienne had her first birthday and she and Iwan were baptized the same day.

Fabs 1 Bday

For her first birthday we organized a unicorn party.

Four days after her first birthday Fabienne started walking.

This Christmas time was the most wonderful I had so far. I think this is because of Fabienne and watching her having so much fun and being overwhelmed by the many gifts.

x-mas 2017

2017 had so many wonderful moments that it will be hard for 2018 to be greater. Let´s see what the new year holds.