Pearls are a girl´s best friend

by Ivana
heart with a block heart background
heart with a block

In collaboration with Valmano. Whoever claimed that diamonds are a girl´s best friend did not have in mind that only few women can afford such a high priced jewel. So no wonder that pearls have been declared as the new best friends of girls and women. The good thing about pearls is that everyone can go and buy them. You can get some exclusive ones at a jewelry store or some low priced but stilly pretty ones at any fashion shop. All pearls have in common that regardless of price they all look classy, fashionable and sophisticated. The round white pearls are on the top of the popularity scale and I guess will always be. So almost every woman and girl do own them. They are unforgettable in combination with an all over black outfit. I like that pearls are also used for statement jewels. That way pearls have proved that they are not just dainty but also cool and stylish. Nowadays the fashion industry is even using them to pimp up our sweaters and tulle skirts. Pearls are feminine, timeless and never a misinvestment. I am kind of obsessed with earrings and I have found some very beautiful pearl earrings at the online shop Valmano. My favorites are creoles with pearls and all the heart-shaped and star jewels featuring pearls. If you would like to learn more about pearls in generel, I can highly recommend you the website pearls are a girl´s best friends. What about you? Do you like and wear pearls?