Must have of the Month: Layered Necklace with Hearts

by Ivana
heart with a block heart background
heart with a block

My dears, I am all into accessories and so I have to show you my newest necklace that Aphrodite have sent me. It’s a wonderful layered chain with two hearts and you know from several blog posts how much I love everything that is heartshaped. I also enjoy to discover new online shops and I am sure many other fashionistas do so too. Apropos hearts, if you have read my post Sparkling jewels and some thoughts on true love you may know that I’ve always believed in true love and in happily ever after. I prefer fighting for love instead of giving up to easily. In my opinion it is also wrong to be in a relationship with someone in order just to don’t be alone. This is so heartbreaking and I am so sorry that even some of my dearest people have given up on love. A close friend of mine just turned 30 and somehow she has on her mind to cross getting married and becoming mom off her to do list. She had three serious relationships in the past, the last boyfriend truly broke her heart and then she decided to look for a new man online at a dating website. She wanted someone with same interests and who is also willing to get married and to have children as soon as possible. She said to me true love is very rare and she does not believe in true love for herself anymore, but a marriage and kids are on her life bucket list and she wants to go for it right now. No waiting anymore. She does not want to be alone anymore – although she was single only for few months by then.

heartshaped layered necklace

I absolutely get this, of course it’s a great thing to have someone by your side, but I think it’s only great if that someone is very special to you. What happened? Very quick she found someone online and she moved with him ever quicker and got engaged. Since the very beginning they do not use a contraceptive, cause both want kids. It´s great that both want the same things in life, but what about true love? Dating and getting to know each other better and giving love a chance to grow? She said she is sick of dating, that’s not what she wants and that it would be too much work to look for another guy. She is lazy to do so. She admires my relationship with Iwan but it’s kind of one in a million she says. Nevertheless I believe that this is not true and that we all deserve the passionate everlasting true love. I do have a daughter and so of course I want her to find her prince one day, so I don’t want to hear that finding Mr. Right is almost impossible. I believe that love ain’t easy and that it also means much work, but I believe that it exists. I know that true love exists. No one should ever lose faith in true love. I mean what’s life without real love, the crazy stupid love? And the magic isn´t in getting married it’s in staying married, just like they say in the movie Baggage Claim. I’ d love to hear your opinion on this not so easy topic in the comment area.

heartshaped layered chain