How it is to have a toddler and two dogs

by Ivana
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How it is to have a baby or a toddler and a dog or even dogs? I´ve always imagined my life with a hubby, kids and pets, just like we all know this kind of domestic happiness from Hollywood movies. But do pets really bring us happiness in our everyday life or do they mean trouble and more work? Before I gave birth to Fabienne some people even close friends asked me if we would get rid of our dogs after the arrival of our baby girl. I was always overwhelmed by this question, wondering how someone could ask me this. What kind of person would I be to say goodbye to my dogs? Naomi and Flacky are my fur babies, I can‘t even imagine my life without them, although I know that one day this will happen unfortunately. I also never understood persons who gave their pet away just like that!

Fab and Flacky

In the last weeks of my pregnancy I googled a lot on the topic ‘compatibility of dogs and babys’ and I was very disappointed by most of the articles. I am pretty sure that the authors never owned a pet, since they have written too negatively on this topic! Of course you have always to take care that your pet does not hurt your child and you will always love your baby more than your pet, although you can‘t imagine this before becoming parent. But your fur babies still do have a special place in your heart!

Fab and Flacky on the couch

How it is to have a baby and a dog? In our case it has been very easy since Fabienne was a very calm baby and since the beginning a sunshine. She slept a lot and there were only few cries when she was hungry or had tummyache or when the diapers had to be changed. So we still had lots of time and energy for our dogs and we gave them the attention they needed. Naomi loved our newborn while Flacky was jeoulous because of the many cuddling with the baby. He acted like he did not want the baby on the couch. Nevertheless this time was very calm and great and not exhausting at all. But everything has changed when the baby turned into a toddler.

Fab and Flacky forever friends

So today I can tell that having two dogs and a toddler is crazy! While Flacky fell in love with Fabienne with time and has become her best friend, Naomi got more and more jealous and is still rejecting our cute toddler. The reason for her jealousy? A toddler needs so much more attention than a baby, at least it has been like this in our case! Before our daughter Naomi was our princess, that’s the issue. Very often she does not want to spend time with us when Fabienne is present, so she leaves offended the room. Flacky loves Fabienne like crazy, but he wants all the time to play with her toys instead of his, although the dogs has over 30 cuddly toys. I can trust Flacky completely, I know he would never ever hurt Fabienne, but I have to be careful when Naomi is around. She is making our everyday life very complicated and exhausting. She growls at Fabienne for no reason. And in general time management is an issue, the day is just too short when you do have dogs, a toddler, a hubby, friends and family, a part time job and a blog. Fabienne is always my priority and will be, unfortunately there is less and often no time for hobbies, so I neglect Naomella. But I am sure this will change one day, probably from this autumn on when Fabienne is going to attend day nursery. No matter how hard our every day life may be sometimes, there‘s nothing I would like to change. Cause this crazy life is that what makes me complete and happy! And in my perfect life dogs are a part of our family. I can suggest all parents-to-be who has dogs to school them before the baby arrives. This was our mistake with Naomi. She is too crazy, a fact we loved about her, but this is a minus when having kids. I would also never recommend you to buy a puppy when having a baby. The idea sounds really nice, but believe me, not in reality.

Naomi and Fab ont he couch

How about you? Do you have experiences with dogs and baby or dogas and toddlers? Do you also need for domestic happiness pets?