Dresses that cover flabby arms

by Ivana
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My dears, springtime and the wonderful sunny weather really do make me wanna go shopping and invest my money in some new fashion items. But what if we have eaten too many cookies and have gained some weight in winter? Or if we need time to get back in shape after giving birth or maybe because of other reasons do not feel completely well about our body size. Shall we get depressed and skip shopping and having fun? Of course not, this is never an option! First we should  love our bodies, no matter what size we are wearing, be proud of it and respect it! This is something I do always try and I do use fashion to feel better! Fashion represents our personality! It shows to others how we feel about ourselves, in what mood we are in right now and it expresses our creativity.

Dresses that cover flabby arms

I am currently a little bit unhappy with my upper arms and my abdominal region but there is no reason to be unhappy or to start any diet. I’d rather wear the right clothing and do sports like jogging till I am back in shape. I love to wear dresses no matter the season but especially in spring and summer you‘ll see me all the time in dresses and skirts. Spaghetti strap dresses do look great on others, in my case, I combine them with capelettes or beautiful cardigans with ruffles or flared sleeves, just avoid boring ones . In generell I love capes so I am currently obsessed with cape dresses, and those are also perfect for covering flabby upper arms. On my wishlist is this dress here and I have to order it soon online at Esprit. Off-Shoulder dresses are still trending this spring and summer, a great fact, cause off shoulder dresses and tops do look good on everyone and do cover flabby arms. Wrap dresses as well as dresses with flared sleeves and three-quarter length sleeves will help you to look great! Below you‘ll find some dresses I recommend and love currently. Let me know if you do have any tips for flabby arms and what kind of dresses you prefer.

Jolie Tiered Ruffle Lace Dress by ALICE + OLIVIA via NORDSTROM
Shimmering dress with a fixed cape by ESPRIT
Off shoulder dress in crinkle chiffon by ESPRIT
Printed wrap dress by ESPRIT
Lace Off the Shoulder Midi Dress by ASTR THE LABEL via NORDSTROM

Lace Off Shoulder Dress