Must have of the Month: Personalized Cases by Case24

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Case24. My dears what do you think of personalized cases for mobile devices? Recently I´ve surprised Iwan with one that features a picture of me and Fabienne. The reason for such a personal gift was that due to healthy issues Iwan had to stay 6 days in the hospital. Since Fabienne is only one year old she was not allowed to visit him. So here we go, I had to split myself and my days in order to be with the two people I do care most. Half a day I was on Iwans side and the rest of the time I had to care of our beautiful daughter. I hated the fact that it was impossible to stay with Iwan all the time. I knew he needed me and he also needed Fabienne, she‘s his everything and they have such a special bond. So I decided to get for him a new personalized iPhone case since the major of his time in the hospital he was using his mobile phone to kill time. So I ordered such an iPhone wallet case at, that they delivered very fast.

iphone 8 and wallet case by case24

The order process was very easy and the they ship for free.

Screenshot Cases 24

I went for a full print wallet case, cause there is space for cards too.

Me and Fabienne on a wallet case by cases24

Do you have a personalized case for your mobile devices or have you ever surprised someone with such one?