Our world #spring2018

by Ivana
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heart with a block

Summer has officially arrived, so it’s time to remember all the lovely moments that spring was holding for us. Spring is by the way my favorite season of a year, although I also do like autumn, winter and summer I enjoy spring the most. I think this may have  to do something with the fact  that I was born in April and with the shiny weather and the beautiful flowers. Everything is awakening. I love that. How about you, how have you enjoyed the spring time?

Running Sushi

Running Sushi for the very first time with Fabienne was very funny and not how we expected it to be. After five minutes she decided that sitting and eating is boring and running through the restaurant is more fun.


Our favorite place in Vienna is the beautiful Schönbrunn area. We live nearby and do spent so much time there. So happy that our little girl enjoys being there too.

Maronita Coup

On my birthday we enjoyed after the running sushi some ice cream, my fave is the Maronita Coup. Guess what, Fabienne is not into ice cream at all. We offered her different ice creams this spring and she was not fascinated.


But she is definitely fascinated by balloons. We spent one wonderful afternoon at Vienne’s Prater where we bought her a blue heart-shaped one. And she is so in love with the song ‘Mama’ by the Serbian rapper ‘Rasta’. She sings the refrain of this song all day long. As you see all our special moments has to do something with Fabienne. What should I say, being a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world;)