Favorite facial skin care products for hot summer days

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Shop-Apotheke. My dears, this year we have such a hot summer in Vienna, very unusal for this region of Europe, it´s been one of the hottest summers so far. Due to the heat none make-up or care product is longlasting, that´s why I am currently using only intensive fascial care products that I ordered online at Shop-Apotheke. To revitalize my skin overnight I am using the Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream by lavera. While the sleep this night cream repairs the damage of the previous day. This product is a natural overnight boost and combats signs of fatigue, ensures natural cell regeneration and of course provides intense moisture. I think all those who love natural cosmetics should give the Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream by lavera a try. It contains by the way organic almond oil and organic olive oil as well as hyaluronic acid.

Lavera Night Cream

Apropos hyaluronic acid, recently I fell in love with the Nivea Cellular Anti-age Intensive Hyaluron therapy.
Since our skin is aging because of the sun, I am using some anti-aging products on hot summer days. Thanks to this product I have less of the character lines, I am not sure about the forehead wrinkles. I applied this serum before my day cream only on the wrinkles not on the whole face. Since some of the character lines disappeared thanks to the hydration boost of this product I´ll continue to use it as a part of my daily facial skin care routine. By the way this Nivea product is the one with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid within the Nivea range.

Nivea serum anti age

In the morning I apply the Regeneration 24h face cream by Kneipp. This natural smoothing product pampers the skin with hydration and protects it against UV-related skin aging. Thanks to the Alchemilla VulgarisLadys Mantle this cream can be used for both day and night care, I use it only as day care.

Kneipp day care

And yes, advertising can be tempting. I´ve seen the RevitaLift Laser X3 Anti-Age Glykol Peel Pads by L´Oreal in a TV commercial and I had to buy them. The pads are enriched with glycolic complex for daily exfoliation,. I am not sure if this pads had any anti-aging effect on my skin, that´s why I will give them another try. Maybe 30 days were not enough to see any results on my skin. By the way it should be applied every night after cleansing. The pads are suitable for all types of skin.

L´Oreal Anti Age Peel Pads

Lip care should not be neglected on hot days. My favorites this summer are Labellino Fresh Mint and Labellino Rapsberry & Red Apple for rich nourishment. The pampering formula with Shea Butter keeps the lips soft. The aroma of fresh mint as well as the aroma of rapsberry and red apple are authentical for summer. What facial care products are you using this summer? Are you having such a hot summer too wherever you live like we do in Vienna?

Labellino Fresh Mint