The most beautiful pants for fall 2018

by Ivana
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My dears, I‘ve noticed that I‘ve never published a blogpost featuring pants or trousers here on the blog. Of course that‘s due to the fact that dresses are my big love! I also love skirts too! But when it comes to trousers I was always kind of sceptical and I just never fell in love with them truly. Trousers on others? Yes! Trousers on me? Till now only leggings, since I love to combine them with long tunics. Of course I am wearing pyjamas and sweatpants too. I also think that in the past the most designs looked better on skinny girls than on curvy. Luckily the fashion industry was very creative and so there are great new designs like chinos and joggpants looking good on all body types. They are stylish, classy and comfortable at the same time. Apropos comfortable, I know many many people love and cannot live without jeans, I am just not one of them. I am remembering my younger self wearing jeans all the time during school time and studenthood. But with time and age I switched to skirts and dresses. Since many of you love trousers and I am going to invest this fall my money in chinos or joggpants and leggings too, I‘ve prepared a small selection. What do you think of the very trending BOOTCUT? I‘ve seen some wonderful ones at Esprit. How about you? What do you prefer!‘ Trousers or dresses?