The most beautiful pendants by Louis Poulsen

by Ivana
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In collaboration with My dears it’s on time to create a new category here on the blog called Interior. I don’ t know what about you, but from time to time I have the desire to redecorate and to renew our home. It’s just not that simple like with new clothes. Buying furniture and other stuff for your house or flat means much more effort. It’s quite time-consuming and of course also expensive. It’s not that easy to afford like a dress from a fashion label. Eventually you also need to organize the removal of your old furniture. The last time we renovated our flat was before Fabienne was born. The former guest room turned into a nursery for our little princess. Even two years later I am still in love with this room. It has been so far my favorite project regarding remodeling a room and I wouldn’t change a thing about it! I can’t believe it has been two years. Omg how time flies and how fast our little cutie grows. One thing in our home is on our ‘we really have to change this soon list’ for years, but somehow there were no time yet to realize it. We are unhappy with the ambient lights of our living room and our kitchen as well. In the living room we do have a u-shaped lightening with red lamps. Iwan moved in into our flat few months before we met and he liked that kind of lightening somehow. We have changed a lot of things since we bought the same flat years later but this one thing remained yet to be changed. I am really overwhelmed with this project so I leave it up to Iwan. But you know, sometimes you have to tell your man more than once and to motivate him to get things down – haha. So we will definitely postpone it also this summer. I have to admit that this summer I am also more into enjoying our few spare time that we have and I thing autumn would be perfect for this kind of project. Till then we’ll also have time to get inspired. For now we found some beautiful pendants by Louis Poulsen at

We really like the playful Cirque pendants a lot because of their colours and shape. Here and here you’ll find our two favorites. One of the most known pendants by Louis Poulsen is the three-shaped PH 3/2. How about this beautiful one in white? The world-famous PH 5 pendant was actually designed in 1958, in 2017 new colours were launched. The beautiful Doo Wop pendant is recommended for al kind of rooms, from living room to children’s room.

What about you? What are you planning to change in your home next and how do you like the introduced pendants by Louis Poulsen?