The new fall trend 2018: Sneakers Maxi H222

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Hogan. My dears, in today´s blogpost I want to show you some pretty cool sneakers that have really stolen my heart. Because of my health I have decided to invest my money in some high quality shoes, that are comfortable. Since months I do have back pain and I know that this is due to the fact that I am wearing ballerinas all the time. Don´t get me wrong I love them, they feel comfortable and of course there are ballerinas of good quality too, but I do own the typical 10 € ballerinas that are comfortable but are not good for your back at all. My solution for the last months was to force myself to wear sandals with high heels from time to time and so the pain was gone on some days. Now at the end of the summer I think it´s on time to find some great sneakers.

I have put my eyes on the wonderful Sneakers Maxi H222 by Hogan. Those are very trendy and stylish with perfect urban-glamour. You can combine them with almost everything. I´d style them with some beautiful Chinos – from this blogpost you know that I am currently looking for the perfect one –  or with a skirt and blouse, or skirt and sweater in fall. What I love about the Sneakers Maxi H222 is the colorful outsole. I really fell in love with the rose Maxi H222 in metallic leather feat. ultralight EVA outsole with 3D piping 5.5 cm. But also all the other colors and designs are so pretty, it´s hard to choose. Here you´ll find the platform sneakers online.

I really like these fashionable sneakers, all the bright colors and the extraordinary design of Hogan shoes. As you may know I am totally into the multi-culti concept, so I do appreciate the cosmopolitan influences that the designs of Hogan sneakers reflect. For example the details and colours of Maxi H222 are inspired by the Australian panorama. You can get more information on the Gypsetters´ House project online on their website. If you can´t find the perfect model of sneakers nonetheless you can free your creativity and create your very own dream sneakers thanks to Hogan by You. How do you like the sneakers of the Italian brand Hogan? Have you ever heard of the label before? What are your favorite sneakers?

Copyright of the photos: Hogan