About Luisaviaroma and some thoughts on consumption

by Ivana
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In collaboratoion with Luisaviaroma. My dears, today I’d like to introduce to you the online-shop Luisaviaroma and to share with you some personal thoughts on consumption. As you know there are many vlogs about minimalism and zero waste out there and I have to say that I really enjoy watching them and I do support these lifestyles. Especially on my holidays (like recently on Kos or before in Piran) I experienced the pros of having less and I remember how much fun I had creating a look out of few pieces. The western world just owns too much stuff, especially when it comes to fashion, me included. But the last years I’ve constantly worked on myself, have progressed, but there is still much space for improvement. And as much as I like the concept of minimalism deep inside of me I know that I would never adopt this lifestyle fully. Why? I can explain. I was born in former Yugoslavia and I have witnessed how people of upper middle class have lost everything because of the breakup of the country. Their savings on their bank accounts lost the value, because the national currency lost its value extremely. Once they were well-off and suddenly they have become impoverished. Even buying fast fashion has become unaffordable. And even today, 27 years later, many of those once well-off families struggle financially. That’s why I will always have more stuff than actually needed, but my goal is to have less stuff than I do now and to invest my money wisely even or especially when it comes to fashion. I for myself have found my perfect solution: when buying accessories to invest only in high-end products. Since years I do not buy any fast fashion bags anymore, only designer bags. I do buy less bags than before but of better quality and of a personal value. The great fact about high-end products is, that you can resell them, if you don’t like them anymore. Have you tried this with fast fashion? I have and reselling a fast fashion piece is not that easy! That’s why I donate the clothes I don’t love anymore or give them to family and friends. Just recently I´ve sent a 110l trash bag filled with unloved clothes and two boxes with accessories to Serbia. Designer clothing on the contrary may stay unaffordable to a great extent, but is also because of constant weigh fluctuation not a good investment in my case. Here, I just try to buy less and to use the stuff I already have and to be thankful for those, to make a long story short, I try to shop my own closet. My next step will be not only to invest in designer bags, but also in high-end shoes, portemonnaies and jewels. I would definitely have to save up for a piece and it may took me four months or a half year before buying this special item from my wishlist. But it will always remain something special and so it’s worth the effort. I will feel special when wearing it. If the love towards this special item should be gone one day, I can resell it and get a great amount of my investment back.

Gucci Sneakers via LuisaviaRoma

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s the time when we should spoil ourselves and our lovely ones. How about some Gucci Sneakers? Some beautiful Gucci Sneakers for ladies you´ll find here. The online shop Luisaviaroma exists since 1999, had over 53 million unique visitors in 2017 and features a great selection of top established designers as well as young emerging talents. The Concept-Store was founded in the early 30s in Florence and the company is a 100% privately owned family business.

Do you already know the online shop Luisaviaroma? What are your thoughts on consumption? Fast fashion or high-end? Minimalism or Spending Spree?