Twinkle Twinkle Christmas time

by Ivana
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heart with a block

My dears, my favorite time of the year is coming soon! Like mentioned in the previous blogpost now is the only legitimate time to splurge and to spoil yourself and your lovely ones without feeling any guilt. So in today´s blogpost I am presenting you some pieces I fell in love with immediately and I’d love to find under my Christmas tree. Last month I have started to save money and to fulfil myself one day a fashion dream, I desire the bag Genoveva multi color. Oh and when thinking of shoes, since years I am dreaming of Valentino and the rockstud collection. Looking up for some beautiful jewels of great quality I found wonderful pieces at Alba Moda. How about your fashion dreams? What´s on your wishlist for Christmas? After Christmas and the holidays, for me and my family this means after January, I’d love to stick to my plan to shop my own closet and to save money. I also intend to do the Frugal February in 2019, this means to live a month very frugaly.

For today´s blogpost my choice is very feminine (some would say kitchy) by purpose. The last weeks I wittnessed negative comments and prejudices towards women who were dressed very feminine or girly. This is something I don’t like at all. I am against all kinds of discrimination. Why pigeonholing a woman who loves to wear the color pink? Why thinking of a woman or a girl who likes to wear glitter, hearts and stars she´s automatically a slut? Why must a woman who loves dresses and is always good looking be labeled as toffee nosed and superficial? If someone loves fashion why assuming that he or she is spending the whole money on fashion and is unable to take care of finances? If someone owns a designer bag, does it have to mean that this person is rich or belongs to the upper middle class? How about the possibility that someone maybe had to save up for months or years to afford this special designer piece? Our world is so diverse nowadays, I think there’s no space anymore for prejudices – at least in my opinion. Clothing is kind of a expression of a personality but it doesn’t show the soul of a person. With clothes we express our everyday moods and if someone wants to dress up on one day, why not? If someone feels like wearing pink, glitter or pearls there’s nothing wrong with it. The same if someone is in the mood for dressing sportive, alternative or if someone prefers rock glam etc. Nowadays we all should be able to dress the way we want and love without being afraid of getting negative comments and being judged. It’s sad how in times of diversity discrimination increases these days. This is so wrong. No one should have negative experiences because of ethnicity or clothing preferences etc. I hope you all agree with me.