Our World #fall2018

by Ivana
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My dears, outside cold air is blowing and we have already decorated our apartment for Christmas this weekend. This means winter has arrived and it´s on time to review our fall. Once again time just flew by so fast. Often I wish that I could stop time or to let time pass more slowly in order to enjoy the beautiful moments much more. I am aware that, because life showed me several times, how precious time is and that time is not endless. Especially when you become mother you´re constantly suffering from lack of time. I am trying to use every minute of the day to accomplish things. The to do list is very long and time is too short. Iwan and I we are managing everything on our own and I have to say that this is the case with so many couples here in Vienna. That´s why quality time means the world to us.  Every day after work I spend the rest of day with Fabienne, when she is asleep I do the housework. Of course I almost do not have any time for my blog, but in my opinion, the real live happens offline. This fall we attented the lantern fest for the very first time, since Fabienne is going to the nursery since this fall.

Princess Fabienne

This November Fabienne turned two years old. She got many gifts from us, one was the Disney princess dressing table. As you can see on the pictures above she is really into this present.

Haus des Meeres

We have visited the Aqua Terra Zoo for Fabienne´s birthday.

Bday Cake

Like last year also this time we had a unicorn cake. Next year we will definitely have a different theme.

One of my favorite vlogs is Pick up Limes. If you are interested in healthy food and a healthy lifestlye, I truly can recommed you this vlog.

How was your autumn? I hope you are looking forward to the winter season and the upcoming holidays as much as I do.