POMPdeLUX and the perfect tulle skirt for girls

by Ivana
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In collaboration with POMPdeLUX. My dears, in today’s blogpost I am going to introduce POMPdeLUX to you. This Danish brand is specialized on baby clothing and fashion for girls and boys with the aim to produce with care and of best quality. Their products often exceeds the European standards. – you’ll find more information on that here. POMPdeLUX offers everything you need for your kid, from funktional outerwear til underwear. I like the fact, that this label produces only twice a year. The product line is reasonable what’s also great for our environment. We have ordered this gorgeous tulle skirt and tights of same color. Fabienne needed such a skirt to complete her wardrobe. Fashion for baby girls is so cute, that sometimes I wish I´d have another daughter one day, so that all this cute stuff can be worn again. I have a tulle skirt too of course – one very similar to Carry Bradshaw ones – oh my heart is bleeding, that there will not be a third Sex and the City movie – so I can imagine myself and Fabienne to appear in partner look in Spring and Summer. Iwan claims that Fabienne is going to be a fashionista one day, cause she loves to play with my shoes, bags and make-up. I have to admit she’s kind of more excited when our monthly Glossybox arrives than I am – of course she is only playing with the beauty products and not applying them. Sure I am very happy about the fact, that Fabienne seems to love fashion as much as I do and that we share the same passion., but I want her to act better one day than I did. I want to learn her to respect our environment from the very beginning on, to avoid mass consumption and to be aware of its negative effects. I wish for her to put quality over quantity and to shop such brands that care like POMPdeLUX. Do you like Fabienne´s tulle skirt? Do you also have one in your wardrobe? Have you already known POMPdeLUX and have eventually shopped there?


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