Salzburg Christmas Market

by Ivana
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My dears, Sunday two weeks ago we visited Salzburg and the Christmas Market there. Since years I was dreaming of going there and this year Iwan made my wish come true. And although it was a rainy and cold day, we spend such a lovely time in the town of Mozart. With no stress or hectic we walked from the central station to old town. Apropos we paid around 170 € for the train tickets from Vienna to Salzburg and back including the annual pass for two persons for one year. The journey there was great. Fabienne was sleeping and also during the day she was very calm, but the return run was not that smooth. Even our iPad was not of big help. If you have any suggestions on how to entertain a kid while travelling with train, please let me know. Here are some impressions of our day trip. If you want to go there too, the Christmas Market is open until the 26th od December. Have you ever been to Salzburg and its Christmas Market? If so, did you like it?

Salzburg Christmas Market

Salzburg Festung

Fortress Hohensalzburg. Below the Christmas Market at the Altplatz is located.

sbg christmas market 2018

Salzburg 2018 Christmas Market

Saluburg Winter time 2018

Christmas Decoration Salzburg Christmas Market

Salzburg by Night

Salzburg by night.