Having a toddler and two dogs: Jealousy

by Ivana
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My dears, Fabienne is now two years old and maybe you remember the blogpost “How it is to have a toddler and two dogs” . I´ve written about our everyday life with two dogs and a toddler and how the dogs reacted after the birth of Fabienne and how they welcomed this new family member. I thought it´s on time to write an update and and so let’s continue with the very important topic jealousy. Oh yes, there’s a lot of jealousy between the dogs and our cute daughter, more precisely between Fabienne and Naomi. Naomi, who actually loves children and also loved Fabienne, when she was a baby and always wanted to give her kisses, got a problem when Fabienne turned into a toddler. More and more Naomi started excluding herself from our family and instead of giving kisses she growled at Fabienne all the time. She indicated that she does’n want her around. So we always had to be aware and we never left them alone in a room, just in case. So cuddling with Naomi was not in for Fabienne unfortunately. We asked ourself what to do? We knew the situation had to change somehow. Finding a new home for Naomi? Well, never ever! But the situation got even worse. Naomi started to do her business at home. Well, of course a no go for us! So we talked to our vet.

Fabienne and Naomi on the couch

He told us, that Naomi needs her very own space within our apartment, a place that she does not have to share with Fabienne or anyone else. There is also the possibility to put her on medication to improve her balance. We refused that so far. When the dog marks its territory, you should act like nothing happened. The vet said not to give the dog the attention the dog expected with this act. And do not use intense disinfectant. Strong smells do mark the territory and and the dog knows exactly where to do his business the next time. We did by the way according to this everything wrong! Since following these rules the situation really improved. Naomi still grawls at Fabienne out of habit, but she gives her kisses again and they do cuddle sometimes. But the situation will never be as good as with Flacky. Flacky who actually never loved children and also did not like Fabienne when she was a newborn, loves the toddler Fabienne. This photos here prove that! He plays with her and she can do anything to him, he is calm and it’s such a pleasure to see their special bond. They are just best friends! I have to say, that Flacky has always been the smarter one. He has adopted to the new family constellation, because he knows that this is the best for him! This way he will get more of our attention and love. Naomi on the other hand always was very easily pissed off and resentful. She tends to isolate herself. But thank god she opened up.

Fab and Naomi on the couch playing

Do you have a dog? What experiences do you have with dogs and children living under one roof? Fabienne loves cats too by the way. Our neighbor has two cats and after every visit Fabienne can’t stop saying Miaow Miaow.