Frugal February- what it is and how did it go

by Ivana
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My dears, as already announced in this previous blogpost, I was going to do the Frugal February this year. The very first time I´ve heard of Frugal February was through the financial YouTube Channel Sugar Mamma that is runned by Canna Campbell, a financial consultant in real life from Sydney. Since I have so many dreams and goals and all of them are somehow related to money I decided to live more frugaly in general, not only one month, but especially in and from this February on.

Here are some of the things I’ve done to live more frugaly last month:

favicon_naomellano spending on coffee to go or chai tea latte

Instead I was drinking my coffee at home or I was going to have some at office. Many companies provide coffee for free to their employees nowadays. I also used Frugal February to fight my coffee addiction – I usually was drinking two coffees at home and two at the office  and we just got some ergonomic desk which can adjust the height– and to switch to tea and water.

favicon_naomellaeat up the bites

I hate to throw food away. Too many people are starving while too many of us waste food! So let’s invest more time on food planning in order to save more money and to save our planet.  I also used the weekends in February to improve my cooking skills and I tried new recipes. I worked with the book The little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo.

favicon_naomellano spending days

Something I am really trying to establish in my everyday life is to have no spending days. We are spending so much money on food, that I really aim to change this this year. To buy groceries only once a week does not work for my family, since we end up throwing away too much food. Also having two dogs and a toddler means you are constantly missing something in your fridge so we end up going daily to the supermarket and of course we buy more than what´s on the list.
On no spending days you are also not allowed to buy a chai tea latte at Starbucks.
Another way to save money on food is not to buy lunch daily. Instead you can prepare something the evening before and bring to work.
Consider also buying regional and seasonal food, especially to save our environment.

favicon_naomelladistinguish between wants and needs

Many books on saving recommend to ask yourself before buying something if your really need this or if you just want to have it. This is something that will not protect you everytime from buying something you just adore, but it will help you to resist a temptation from time to time. I can now manage it to say no to cute earrings while shopping new necessary clothes for Fabienne at H&M, and not to buy the newest eyeshadow palette at drug store. Small things add up. And to be honest, I don’t need the hundredths earrings and the twentieth eye shadow. In future I want to spend my hard earned money more on needs and not on wants. Of course I know, that there is no way to buy only needs through a whole year, if we are realistic, but this February it was like that and it motivated me to stay strong and to ask myself before buying something, if I really do need this. What also helped me stay focused was unsubscribing from many fashion newsletters. If I don’t discover something new and beautiful, I am not attempted to buy it.

favicon_naomellareduce monthly bills

With only few calls you may find for example a better power provider. We’ve done this last year and we are spending around 50€ less than before each month. This year I want to renegotiate our medical insurance and I cancelled my shutterstock subscription, since I never use stock photos for my blog.

Frugal February is not just about money saving, it’s more about living consiously and taking a look at your current lifestyle and changing things that are not that good for your walet, yourself and the environment. Have you ever heard of Februal February before or done the challenge yourself? What do you do to save money?