The most beautiful blue maxi dresses for Spring

by Ivana
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My lovelies, I hope you are all well and enjoying spring and the sunny weather. I know it’s been a while since I wrote about fashion, but here we go with a blogpost on my favorite fashion piece, the dress. I am falling for midi and maxi dresses. Since I have many midi ones in my wardrobe I’d love to purchase some maxi pieces this spring. I have only few maxi dresses in my closet, but those few that I can call mine I do really love and wear very often. How does the perfect maxi dress for spring look like according to my preferences and in my opinion? The dress should definitely be blue, since this is the color I love the most. I love all shades of blue. I also do always get compliments when wearing blue clothing. Since this color suits me, I am going to invest more of my money in blue fashion pieces in future. Since having spring a floral print would be perfect. Of course the dress should be ideal for my body shape. I was looking online for the perfect blue and floral maxi spring dress and I found one at Alba Moda. Of course I found some other beautiful blue maxi dresses too which I have to show you. What is your must-have for this spring? I hope you are as much as excited as I am about the upcoming fashion season and the wonderful sunny weather!

floral print waterfall detail silk dress by ZIMMERMANN

maxi sundress by ALBA MODA

floral print maxi dress by SEMICOUTURE