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by Ivana
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It´s been a while since talking about favorite beauty products here on the blog, but since spring and the beautiful sunny weather are so inspiring for pampering ourselves and to try out new things and stuff, here we go. I did not break my resolution to live more frugaly this year, so I was not shopping and did not invest money in new beauty products. Thanks to some monthly subscriptions I do have so many unused and new beauty products that I want to give a go and to introduce to you too.

Babor Ampoule Concentrates
Lately Babor ampoules are part of my skin routine. Currently I am using two different ones alternately. One is enriched with hyaluron and promises to reduce visibly the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin’s surface. The other ampoule claims a radiant glow. Are those working? I can’t tell for sure. My daily working-mom life routine does not allow to use them on a regular basis. But on those mornings I do find time to apply an ampoule concentrate under my day cream, I do feel very special. That’s why I love these ampoules and this fact make them worth the money.

Cell regenerating night cream by Judith William
Currently I am using as anti-ageing skin care the cell regenerating night creme by Judith Williams. This cream is enriched with a herbal growth protein, which stimulates the collagen production. As a result it claims a brighter and lifted-looking skin.

RITUALS The ritual of Yalda bath bombs
The three bath bombs with an intense scent of water melone and pomegranate perform a vibrant violet colour in your bath tube. The goal is to uplift your skin and senses and I can tell that Rituals never breaks its promises. I’ve never been disappointing by any product, that’s why Rituals is one of my favorite beauty brands.


Ingrid Millet Perle de Caviar Caviaressence
Caviaressence is an intense regenerative anti-ageing treatment that is great for all skin types. A high concentrate of caviar allows the serum to absorb rapidly into the upper layers of the epidermis. Apply it in the morning and in the evening, especially on the wrinkles, for better results.


alverde lash extension duo-mascara
This duo product contains a primer and a mascara. Apply the primer first for a better seperation of lashes and care. The dark black mascara with lactic acid fibers lengthens and voluminizes. A natural cosmetic product for a natural look.


Have you ever tried one of these products? What are your current favorite beauty products?


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