by Ivana
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In collaboration with Kussmaul. My dears, today I want to introduce to you the restaurant Kussmaul, that is located in the Bakerstreet 5 in the first district of Vienna. As you may know I do celebrate everything multicultural, so it was clear that I would like Kussmaul. Its´ owners are from former Yugoslavia and the kitchen is Mediterranean and international as well as Viennese influenced. Kussmaul is a high quality restaurant -with 1 Michelin star and 2 awards – offerring a wide range of domestic and international wines and an exquisite cuisine. That’s why it is the perfect place for romantic dinners and special occasions. I´ve been there with work for our annual team dinner and we were also thinking about celebrating the office Christmas party there. Kussmaul is two-storey, so there’s enough space. If you want to book an event there, you have to be quick, since there’s a great demand.

This wonderful restaurant is located in the Viennese old town and is open daily from 5 pm. Its´ interior is modern and creative. If you haven´t been there yet, you should definitely give it a go and enjoy the delicious cuisine, great service ans beautiful atmosphere. In the meantime here are some impressions. If you already know Kussmaul, are you convinced as I am by this great Viennese hidden treasure?