Beauties of the Month

by Ivana
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My lovelies, I’d love to introduce to you my favorite three beauty products right now. Let’s start with my two beauty favorites by MAC and best sellers Prep & Prime and Prep & Prime Fix. It’s especially in summer necessary to use products that help to prepare our skin for makeup and to fix our foundation. My morning routine looks like this currently. After washing my face with cold or luke-warm water I apply my day cream and wait a little bit before adding a primer. In the meantime I usually brush my hair. By the way use your daily cream frugally and let it be well absorbed by your skin before applying primer, otherwise both consistences will crumble away. This was always my issue with primers in the past, but a lovely MAC makeup artist told me what I was doing wrong. Usually I love to use the Prep & Prime Skin Base Visage Lotion because it’s really so so so soft and after applying my makeup, I love to refresh my skin with the Prep & Prime Fix that also fixes my makeup. The great thing about the Prep & Prime Fix is that you can use it as primer as well. This is what I prefer on hot summer days. I just love how it hydrates and refreshes my facial skin and finishes makeup. This water mist is available in lavender, coconut and rose scent. I do prefer the rose scent for now.



Do you already know the facial rose queen jade roller by Rosental Organics? It’s an anti-aging product and is perfect for massaging and relaxing your facial skin. It claims to improve the metabolic situation of your skin and that after activating the skin it works as lymph drainage. It de-stresses your facial skin and reduces wrinkles. Furthermore it helps with eye rings and puffy eyes. You should read the instructions well, cause sometimes it’s needed to use the roller warm and sometimes cold, depending on your purposes. On hot summer days I love to use the roller after letting it cool down in the fridge for a while. It’ so refreshing and you can actually massage the whole body not only your facial skin with the roller.


Have you tried any of my current beauty essentials? What are you beauty favorites right now?